15 Nov

1) Flexible Rental

Self Storage can offer great flexibility for your Business storage needs. Self Storage facilities usually have a wide range of unit sizes and tenants on a monthly scheme can up-size or downsize whenever they need to.

BOXPARK @ Chai Chee has Storage Units from 6 sqft to 1000 sqft and a monthly plan that allows you to up-size, downsize, move in and move out whenever you want or need to. (Move out with 14 days notice, Move in on availability)

If your inventory volume fluctuates significantly throughout the year, or your business volume growth is unpredictable, self storage may be an ideal solution for your needs.

2) No Set Up Cost, No Reinstatement Cost, No Renovation and No waiting period

Most tenanted traditional warehouses does not come with pre-installed lights, air condition, security alarm, power points, fans. Installation cost for such facilities can be huge and cause a big dent to your cash flow. In addition, when the lease is over, the tenant has to reinstate the facilities to original condition to return to the landlord, which is another huge cost.

Self storage offers a stress free storage solution. No huge set up cost, No huge reinstatement cost, No renovation period. Simply choose a unit that suits your requirement and move in immediately!

3) No fluctuating monthly utility, maintenance bills

All you pay for is the monthly storage charges. Let us handle and worry about the fluctuating utility bills, the cleaning of the common areas and bathroom, monitoring and maintenance of the security system and the servicing of the air condition system and fans while you focus on your business and grow it to greater heights.

4) Extra Services

As a new Start-up Business, or Small Medium Enterprise (SME), you might need more than just storage for your business. Some Self Storage facilities do provide some other services such as receiving and sending out packages, Service offices, Co Work spaces (shared work spaces), administrative services etc. Such services may be extremely helpful for your business.

BOXPARK @ Chai Chee just started up an industrial cool Events Space for Start Ups and SMEs to hold their Product Launch Events, Networking events, Training, Meetings etc. Make your way down to check us out.


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