28 Nov

1) Use Plastic Boxes for storage whenever possible!

There are water sprinkler pipes in self storage buildings in Singapore. While rarely there are any issues, there are rare occasions where the pipes can leak or burst. Keep your items protected from water by storing your items in plastic containers whenever possible. Some of my favourite plastic containers are the samla series from IKEA! 

2) Place the Plastic Boxes at the bottom

If possible, place all the plastic boxes on the self storage unit floor and stack the non water proof items on top. This helps to minimise any water damage to your items in uneventful of a pipe burst!

3) Place Plastic Pallets at the bottom of the storage unit

If your items are huge and cannot fit into the plastic boxes, another option is to use plastic pallets at the floor of the storage unit and place your items on top. This helps increase air ventilation in your storage unit and amongst your items, reducing risk of moulding and risk of water damage if there is any fire sprinkler pipe leak or burst.

3) Keep more important items in the Plastic Boxes

If you can't store everything in plastic boxes, store the more important items in plastic boxes, especially important photos albums, vintage books, important documents etc.

4) Keep super important items in a Safe Deposit Boxes 

Super important or high value items, such as precious metal, important documents, luxury watches, family heirloom jewellery, should not be stored in self storage units. While our self storage units are secure, they are not meant for storage of high value items! 

STARVAULT - safe deposit box, a storage service specially designed and built for the storage of high value items. Stored in a custom built steel reinforced vault, with 24hrs survelliance, alarm system, security guard on site, your high value items are highly secured in STARVAULT. To access your items, you have to go through a multi layered access control system. Changing of critical information requires OTP verification. The Vault is protected from fire by a gas suppression system instead of a typical water sprinkler system. Find out more >>