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Comparison #1: Storage Space Prices Based on Size

When considering self-storage space options in Singapore, price is often the primary concern. However, many realise that there is more to it than just a cheap storage space—factors such as flexibility in rental terms, cleanliness, and security also play crucial roles. In this article, we’ll compare the prices and features of various storage companies, including major players like BOXPARK, Lock+Store, StorHub, Extra Space, Storefriendly, and Spaceship.

BOXPARK, Lock+Store, StorHub, Extra Space, Storefriendly, and Spaceship Logos
Storage CompanyPricing & Rates (per month)
BOXPARKBase cost
  • XS (1.2m height, lockers): $55-110
  • S (2.7m height, less than 50 sqft): $60-350
  • M (2.7m height or higher, 50-99.9 sqft): $250-500
  • L (2.7m height or higher, 100-700 sqft): from $370
Prepayment plans
  • 3 months: 3% off
  • 6 months: 6% off (applicable to units < 200 sqft, >than 200SF 3%)
  • 12 months: 9% off (applicable to units < 200 sqft,  >than 200SF 3%)
Lock+StoreLock+Store doesn't have price list so this is cited from their promo banners.
  • Locker (16 sqft): From $48
  • Locker (24 sqft): From $68
  • Self storage (24-48 sqft): From $128
StorHubStorHub doesn't have a consolidated price list, as it is differentiated by location, so a price range is given instead.
  • Locker: $39-113
  • XS Storage Room (< 32 sq ft): $86-238
  • S Storage Room (33 - 45 sq ft): $178-352
  • M Storage Room (46 - 65 sq ft): $241-405
  • L Storage Room (66 - 105 sq ft): $111-441
  • XL Storage Room (> 106 sq ft): $386-1239
Extra SpaceExtra Space has no price list, but emailing for quotes is immediate so these are generated quotes for the Eunos location for the different sizes.
  • Extra Small (Locker): From $54
  • Small (less than 21 sqft): From $162
  • Small (21-34 sqft): From $207
  • Medium (35-80 sqft): From $295
  • Large (81-145 sqft): From $511
  • Extra Large (146-207 sqft): From $740
  • Locker (16 sqft): From $100
  • Small (14-24 sqft): From $130
  • Medium (25-48 sqft): From $180
  • Large (49-80 sqft): From $290
  • Extra Large (81-120 sqft): From $440
SpaceshipDoor-to-Door Storage
  • Closet Plan (20 sqft): $72
  • Walk-in Closet Plan (40 sqft) $120
  • Bombshelter Plan (60 sqft): $189
  • Study Room Plan (80 sqft): $238
  • Bedroom Plan (100 sqft): $266
  • Living Room Plan (120 sqft): $352
  • >120 sqft: Custom Order
Warehouse, Storage and Logistics
  • Lot (20 sqft): $55/ $65/ $80
Differentiated by Basic, Standard and Pro plans.

Comparison #2: Most Unique Features

Most storage providers offer the basics, such as air-conditioned units, various storage sizes, and insurance. In this section, we’ll highlight what you may not know—the unique features that could provide the "best value" for you.

Storage Company
Most Unique Features
BOXPARKFlexible Storage Periods (As Short As 7 Days)
BOXPARK offers unique benefits compared to other self-storage facilities. Unlike those that require long-term commitments, BOXPARK provides flexible rental periods starting from as short as 7 days. 

Competitive Storage Space Prices
BOXPARK has a transparent and fixed pricing list, with one of the more reasonable & affordable prices amongst storage spaces in the east.

Safe deposit box option (STARVAULT) 
BOXPARK provides the option to opt in for STARVAULT, a safe deposit box service located within the same compound. This service is ideal for securely storing important documents and high-value items.
Lock+StoreConvenient access and free use of trolleys
Storage units come with keycard access and free use of trolleys and ladders for your convenience.

Goods pickup and dropoff points
They provide goods pickup and dropoff points at Ayer Rajah, Bedok / Chai Chee, Eunos / Kaki Bukit and Tanjong Pagar. You no longer have to rush down to the storage facility and be present to receive or pick up goods.
StorHubFlexible Storage Terms & Price Plans
StorHub provides the option to upsize or downsize your self-storage unit from month to month, meaning that you pay for only the extra storage space you need.

Facilities across the island
StorHub is Singapore's largest self-storage provider. They offer 18 conveniently located storage facilities across Singapore.
Extra SpaceValet Storage
This end-to-end solution means that your personal items are picked up and delivered to the storage unit for you, easing the hassle of travelling down to the self-storage facility location.

Online Inventory
Extra Space provides an online inventory, where you can create an account to keep a record of your stored items and past transactions.
StorefriendlyCoworking spaces
Storefriendly provides flexible coworking spaces alongside business storage, featuring communal areas, typical desk setups, couches, and private booths on a first-come, first-served basis.

Moving service
They provide a government-approved movers service, which handles every aspect of the process from packing to transportation.
SpaceshipDoor-to-Door Storage
Convenient pickup, storage and returns available, without the need to do the heavy-lifting. This is particularly useful for bulky furniture or sports equipment.

Online Inventory
Available for certain plans and storage unit options, this feature allows you to track your stored items online, keeping you informed without having to manually check your stock.

In & Out Handling
Spaceship provides a convenient check-in and out for various denominations of items depending on the chosen plans, either by entire lot or per pallet, carton, item or piece.

*The information presented in these tables is accurate as of date of publication.

Get the Perfect Storage Space: Move-in With BOXPARK Today

BOXPARK Smart Self-Storage

At BOXPARK, we aim to provide complete self-storage solutions:

  • Cost-effective: One of the most reasonable and affordable prices in the east, with flexible rental periods starting from 7 days, and prepayment plans with discounts.
  • Type of Units: Our AC and non-AC units are well-ventilated with natural airflow and mechanical fans.
  • Convenience: Get 24-hour access and secure a unit within a day. Easily move-in/out with 2 passenger lifts, 2 cargo lifts, and 5 loading/unloading bays. 
  • Mailbox service: Use our storage units to register a virtual office address with ACRA, which also helps to facilitate mail collection for business use.
  • Safe Deposit Box Option: STARVAULT high-security storage (for valuable items) is in the same building as BOXPARK.
  • Cleanliness: Our storage areas are impeccably clean and well-maintained.
  • Security: We have 24-hour digital CCTV and security guards, and each storage unit has its own alarm.

Most of all, BOXPARK provides excellent customer service. Our warm and friendly staff will guide you through the entire storage process. Let our Google Reviews speak for itself. We have a 4.9 star review as of today! 27/6/24.

See the self-storage facilities for yourself before you make your decision, and take the virtual tour today. You may also contact us for any enquiries or get a quote today.

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